How to care for your new Pixal fire pit.

Thank you for purchasing one of our Pixal fire pits. To get the most from your Pixal we have the following suggestions for aftercare.


  • Only burn seasoned wood or charcoal NEVER burn Coal.

  • Always start with a small fire to warm the steel gently NEVER fill the fire pit more than a quarter full.

  • When your firepit has cooled always remove any ash build up. Left to build up this will hold moisture if it rains and may block the drain holes.
  • The Pixal is supplied in raw steel which can be left to weather. However if you wish you many paint or oil your firepit to maintain a certain look.

  • We recommend oiling and seasoning the grill to make cleaning it easier after cooking and help stop food from sticking. The same method as used for any cast or steel cookware is fine.

  • Even though your firepit will be fine left outside all year we do recommend storing it indoors and/or covering if you intend to leave it for long periods. Always ensure your firepit is cold and clean before any kind of storage. We recommend storing the grill seperate and only using when you intend cooking as with other cookware.

  • Remember your fire pit will become very hot during use. 

  • Always stand the Pixal on a smooth, flat and heat resistant surface.

  • Always leave your firepit to extinguish naturally, never tip cold water on to put the fire out unless it is an emergency. 

  • Never leave unattended.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.